Tuesday, October 30, 2007


"Haters get mad cause I got me some PLAYOFFS ayyyyyyy!"

So the drought is over and its time for a second season of extended basketball from my Warriors. Its been a long time coming since Vonteego Cummings and Bimbo Coles but what can you say, its our time to shine now. Warriors' season kicks off tomorrow night at 7:30PM PST against the shitty Jazzes of Ute. Semi-finals last year were whack but whatever, Boom Dizzle made up for a little bit of it by posterizing AK-47 up. But cha-cheezy, I'm going to skip my 8-10 class tomorrow to watch it and so should the rest of you bay-destrians. Keep it funky and fresh to deaf. I'll see all you hombres in three weeks.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


"Late Registration"

All you Kanyeezy heads picked this one up for shiggity. Went back home this past weekend, and its now Monday night and I'm sitting here at four in the morning listening to Tony, Toni, Tone and not studying for my Politics midterm tomorrow. Thats why I'm going straight from Graduation to College Dropout and not the other way around. Going back home was some real good shit. Betsy boo, Mike Slender, and Slib-Tib-Jibbaz all came back as well as Algeus Maximums. It was so damn refreshing just kicking back and spending time with my brothers from another mother. Even though I'm loving Santa Cruz and trying to just live it the fuck up, I would pick home life over this place in a heart beat. Its going to be crazy horse shit when everyone comes back for Thanksgiving. I can't wait. I haven't updated this thing in a while but its late so I'm going to cut it short here. Stay Super Steezy. $$$.

Friday, October 12, 2007


"Change Can Be Good"

After three weeks of straight dorm food, I felt that it was time for a change. So we all headed to downtown Santa Cruz and settled to eat at Shogun. It was good going downtown at night which was something we hadn't done before. The rain decided to let up because they knew we would be rolling through. The six of us sat down and just chopped it up and just had a nice little guy's night out. We kept it O.G. and ended up dropping $131.78 amongst us. It was probably the most fulfilling meal I've had in a while. Everyone who's been stuck with dorm food for a while should go out and indulge a little bit. Treat yourself for all of the hard work you've done for the past few weeks. Thats what it does and what it did on Friday night. Homework awaits for tomorrow so until whenever, keep it clever.


Young Money: Hey Michael, do you know what apathy means?
Michael: I don't care and I don't give a fuck

Possibly the best thing I have ever read in my entire life. Thank you Matt, for making my entire week. If you don't understand it, then go back to yo mom's uterus.
-dandoesit signing out at 4:46 AM

Thursday, October 11, 2007


"Welcome to the good life"

Only three weeks into the school year and I can say that I am truly having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing the faces of the people who matter to me the most. It is just surreal that after seeing these people for almost every day of my life for the past 4 and most of them even 7 years of my life and then having to go through three entire weeks of not seeing them at all? It is really just a bit too much to bear. I mean it didn't feel that bad when I first got into school but now that I've settled down a bit and have met other people I still feel an empty void within me because I know for a fact that not a another single person in my lifetime will ever be able to fulfill what each and everyone of you have done to affect my life. The reality that you only keep in touch with 5% of your high school mates after college is just terrifying. I'm sure to be bringing down my street credit by sounding like an emotional little bitch but the truth doesn't lie and the truth is that I fucking miss you guys to death. Thanksgiving is still a month and a half away and even then, a couple of you guys might not even be here. Hell, I'm missing a couple people in this picture too. As fun as college might be for all of you guys, I just want you guys to remember where you came from and who you guys grew up with because I don't want you guys to forget me and nor do I want to forget you guys.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


"the Porch Life is now in Session"

This is my bad, I should have been shouting out the Porch Life crew from the first post but I don't know what was going through my mind yadadada no. So this is the crew coming straight at you from Santa Cruz, California even though we're missing our main manage Brian Lam aka Lil Lam. This is the Fremont - San Bruno connection in effect and its been bombski ever sinceski. We run College Ten houses four and six and we just stay bossy while still staying classy. Shout outs to Nick aka St. Nick aka 6'4" Integra drive and shoutouts to Ryan aka Ferrari aka why is your nick name ferrari? and shout out to Peter aka Pete da Sneak aka Skeeter aka for show for show b chicks and shout out to Matt aka Young Money aka Flex Money by night aka health eater and last but not least shout outs to Brian aka Lil Lam aka Killa B aka insane in the membrane aka he Fucks. Thats it for now because I'm currently sitting in my Macro Econ class with 400 other kids and this douche bag came and sat next to me and he is just a douche bag. keep it super steeeezy and girls, don't be sleezy.


"Ghost Riding Naked"

As the month of September began to roll around, I started to wonder about how I would feel at a school like UC Santa Cruz. To begin with, the school is very liberal and it really shouldn't bug you out if you saw a guy with long hair trying to tight walk the hand rails outside of your politics class. After going through a full week of classes and with two of them being a writing class going over illegal immigration as well as a politics class going over foreign policy, liberalism is just oozing from the minds of all of these banana slugs. I mean you hear the occasional conservatives but they get destroyed by the mary jane smoking long hair don't care mcdougles the next second. But I'll stop going off on to tangents and get back to the title of the post. Today's forecast said rain and we sure did get a lot of it. It is still raining as I type actually. Moving along with the story... so for the longest time I think like back to the 70's, UC Santa Cruz has had a tradition regarding running naked through the entire school on the academic period's first rain. The tradition was brought up by the kids at Porter college which stereotypically consists of a bunch of art majors that have nothing better to do than just... draw I guess. So at around 11:45 PM it started to just pour. As the rain was hitting the ground I could hear the kids from the 2nd - 4th floor just hustling like hell out of their rooms and making their ways down to McLaughlin Drive (the main street that runs through the entire campus) and as they are running, so are the few naked stranglers. The nudies start out in like pairs and eventually they turn into a group of probably 200+. I mean these art majors roll deep in the one point five hundred. Being like everyone else, the porch lifers scurry down to the main road to see whadafuxup with the noise. It was really a once in a life time experience. When the hell else are you going to see a bunch of people running naked in the rain chanting "LETS GO NAKED, LETS GO!". And now that I'm back in my room thinking about it there is only one thing I can say... only in Santa Cruz. This was long as hell and it's about 2:30 AM so I'm going to go and hopefully get some sleep if my roommate isn't snoring himself and myself to deaf no pun intended. peaceasy sleezies and stay up.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


"The Porch Life"

this is three weeks late but whatever. college is college and for sure, half of these people aren't here for knowledge. its been a rough transition in terms of work load and whatever but the amount of freedom I have makes up for it. there are some nuances within my place which i really need to get straightened out or else I think i might kill myself before my first year of college is done with. I hope everyone is staying classy and straight flossy.
-dan does it

p.s. ups to rontron patron for blogspot idea


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