Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Everyone should be rollin back into the hood in the next day or so so this week should be off the chains. Leave yo shitty ass drama on the airplane or the car you be steppin out of because you niggas need to get ready for my new Santa Cruz 2-step. This week should be about rekindling the fire amongst our warm souls and not about anything else. Enjoy the turkey, enjoy the cheap ass shopping, enjoy your family (for they miss you oh-so-dearly), and enjoy the countdown to my favoritest holiday of all time, CHRISTMAS. peace easy sleezies and I'll catch you foolies on the flipside. -dandoesit

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007


12:22AM Screwdrivers
English 3:00 - 4:30PM
Figure It Out
I Do What I Want
Adopted Siblings
Duke Smuke
Orange Juice Thief
Crunkity Crunk with Capri-Sun
Red and Green
Secret Agent
Papers Due Friday
Mid-terms Next Week

Jensine Jayne Pang


It is 3:09 AM and its the day after Halloween. It was an exciting night, it was filled with life's many uppers and downers. The day started off normal with me waking up 30 minutes before class started. I struggled on over to Classroom Unit-2 for my Macro-Economics class and found out that I had another mid-term next Friday. So sick, I know. So then after that I came back to my room, grubbed out with my man Van Tran, played some Madden and eventually started a conversation with Jensine Jayne Pang while she was in class. She was in her English class slacking off and couldn't find anything better to do than to bother me. Of all people, I had to be the one that she bothered. She kept complaining about how her class was going on and on about the issues in Iran and how her English class really wasn't a English class but instead a learn about Iran class. She then went on to RE_ask me a question regarding whether or not it is ethically right if adopted brothers and sisters could date. Not knowing whether or not she had asked me this weird question before, she went on to ask again. I profusely told her that it was still wrong but that I guess it depended on one's view on ethics. Then she told me that it wasn't one of HER weird and insane ideas but instead that it was from a book that she was reading in class. I forget what the book was called but I then went on to tell her to read the book Kite Runner so she can watch the movie when it comes out. After talking about two books regarding the Middle East, I began to tell her to pay attention in class. Not listening to a single word I typed, she went on to babble and babble. Knowing that the conversation was leading to no where, I said something and then I just left my room for an unknown reason. After I came back, I realized that she must have finished class because she had abruptly signed off. Not knowing what to do, I went into panic mode. I grabbed Shelby's brass knuckles and ran outside. I don't recall what I did with the brass knuckles but eventually, I ended up taking my floormate's Razor Scooter and began gliding down the hills. It was fun getting back on a scooter and it made me want to bring mine down the next time I go home. But I guess not since it really isn't practical. After doing that, I proceeded on with my day and did random things. And then again, at 2 in the morning, Miss. Pang decided to bother me once again. But this time, I was wise. I had left my AIM up without an away message causing an illusion to not only her, but to many others. They all thought I was there, but I wasn't. I guess you could say mentally, I was a ninja for Halloween and not just Daniel Kim. My roommate is snoring ridiculously loud right now and I'm about to rip all of my hairs out. Even my eye lashes. It has truly been a long night and I now also have a pounding headache. Holy shit my roommate just let out like a bobcat growl. It sounded as if a mother bobcat was getting into a fight with a jaguar. I'm guessing my roommate is getting hurt because he is still making growling noises. It is quite intense every night. Well then, I guess it is time to say goodbye and goodnight. Sleep well world, and remember, transformers are robots in disguise. Until next time, ta re.


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