Sunday, February 15, 2009


been home for a couple of days now. the weather has gone to complete shittttt. and i've finally realized how much more comfortable it is watching a movie in my living room here in san bruno than it is back in santa cruz. i wish I could just take my house back to santa cruz and live in it by myself. that would tickle my fancy a little too much though. valentines day just passed! i hope all the businesses had SOMe business so that we can get the F out of this recession. it amazes me how a holiday was birthed really by companies who sell cards, flowers, and chocolates. but mad upppps to them anyway cause it was ingenious. i've been had de la soul's album "3 feet high and rising" on repeat for a couple weeks now (its had a strong presence on my sleep playlist) and i gotsta say that anyone who loves hip hop needs to own this album travis barker & DJ AM's "fix your face mixtape" on repeat for the last couple days . go gitttt it. i'm about to fall asleep to it right now actua-REee so peas. and carrots

award for the most random post evar of 2009 goes to me.

shout outs to people who have pink eye in their left eye. :-)



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