Monday, June 30, 2008


With the San Bruno mountain fires, there hasn't been much clear sunshine here back at home. Finally, its starting to clear up. Summer has and always will be the most nonchalant season of the year for me. I seem to fall into the state of nothingness and then when something serious occurs, it takes a while for it to hit me. But at this point, I really just want September 1st to roll around. I want to move back on out and start school again. Older people always say that the one thing they missed about college life was the freedom, and now that I'm back under my parent's roof, a majority of that freedom has dispersed. But its coooooooo.

R.I.P. Ladi-Dadi

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008


A drug trial that has lasted over 3 months and cost over $1 million in Australian taxpayer dollars has been nullified and filed for a re-trial due to the fact that the jurors were doing sudoku puzzles for over half of the trial.... ridiculous.

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The experience was incredible and it's ridiculous how much you learn not only about yourself but about people in general during your first year of college (especially when you're living with someone besides your parents and siblings for a whole year). I wouldn't have done it any different if I could do it all over again. Shout outs to salad girl, fakie crutches, caseadilla, aust-dawg, and the goon squad. One down, three more to go.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


You know something's wrong when the first night you spend sleeping in your own bed after living in a dorm room for a year and your first dream was about gas prices being at $5.89 per gallon just for regular unleaded.... . . . ..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Everyone should stop taking finals, drop out of school, and learn how to do this...

Saturday, June 7, 2008


definition, split up into two, one half is define,
lives we live inscribed on a plaque there ain't shit to find.
one of a kind?
thats why we all strive for originality,
fuck humanistic thinking, we're just breaking all the legalities.
beneath the skin lies a medley of sin,
oh you're God's child now, did you want a pin?
pursuing the dream it's just a piece of shit illusion,
hysteria caused by the media creating all sorts of confusion.
confusion? who's losin? me not never,
stuck in a selfish world only thinking about yourself for forever.
world peace? fuck that you need to find it within yourself to begin,
pushing rules and ideals until they get too thin.
you ain't a supermodel so whats weight got to do with it?
you just a clueless mother fucker you ask what's race got to do with it?
color is something some dudes can't even see,
skins of black, brown, tan, and the color of pee.
united as one? not in the 21st,
centuries its taking hoping to carry racism out in a hearse.
slowly yet surely society's day shall come,
whether it be positive or negative by the time we'll all be numb.
brain washed you got mental hygiene,
our country's future? all we think about is getting high and seen.
mr. clean? a name not applicable to any man on earth,
until someone comes out and says i'll put our civilization first.
twist it up chop it and please rewind till it ain't kind,
looking at your partner like you ain't got a mind.
blind? from an ignorant stance,
slave away to the media attached because you think you can dance?
please, your mind ain't san francisco so clear up the fog,
ladies respect yourself and don't get taken by a dog.
disappearing from English is a word I call innocence,
in a sense? we aint all pitchin up a white picket fence,
in a trench, where our society remains to climb,
disregarding the rest of the world following your dick just chasing that dime.
two nickels, our world caught up in a pickle,
sin and negativity give your brain a little tickle.
thinking you know shit and acting quick,
you're just a self-centered neutral you aint part of the solution, dick.
living lives filled with lies you commit to shit and then you die,
an unknown path we take, why try?
in a world where there aint shit guaranteed,
people less fortunate scourging their own shit just to feed.
but whats the need?
besides yourself you could give a fuck less,
give me my material things and I could give a fuck less.


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