Sunday, July 18, 2010


am i the only one who gets mentally distressed or even lightweight PHYSICALLY distressed when their sports team loses? whenever one of my teams lose i can't even stand to look at the box score of the game... it literally takes me a couple days to finally be able to go back and THEN read the recap and study the box score from the loss. i don't care how geeky i'm sounding right now this is 110% truth right now. i can't even bare to watch sportscenter highlights.. its just me tho. either way weird is the new cool in 2010 so i'm up in this b. MVPosey doe.

oh yeah, inception is a mind fuck to say the least. its not the next matrix but its a very refreshing sci-fi mind fucker. mind fucking movies are sorta hard to come by lately so i guess you gotta take what you can get.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lebron Mania

just read this quote and thought it was hilarious..

"In addition,, an online retailer owned by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert dropped, the price of its LeBron Fathead wall decals from $99.99 to $17.41, which happens to be the same year Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold was born."

if you don't know, fatheads are life size posters of superstar athletes. i can understand exactly where dan gilbert and the city of cleveland is coming from. i sympathize with them to the fullest degree. i don't get how people (especially men (with their egos and pride bustin out)) can sit back and say that it was the "right" move for lebron. it wasn't the "right" move, instead, to me, it was just the easy way out. i'm not gonna sit here and be a dumb-ass and say that i'm NOT excited for the NBA season but what I can say is that with all of that boner popping excitement is a feeling of disappointment and let down. because to me, a "superstar" is yes indeed measured by how many championships he/she has won but the road to that championship should also be just as legendary as the superstar itself. in terms of an analogy, i would have to say its sort of like david defeating goliath with a gun.. because sure, the feat in itself is amazing but beyond that, nothing is worth noting since he did kill him with.. a.. gun. and in this case, the gun would be chris bosh and dwayne wade.

if anyone is actually reading this, mah-bad if the grammar or some shit is just outta whack. i type my shit up on the whim on the go let me mind jus flo and i dont EVER re-read my post. my thoughts in one edit is what you get.

oh yeah dont watch PRedators. sucks crap.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


so no one ever reads this. or at least i hope no one does. but yeah. i couldn't sleep so i went on a 20 mile bike ride at 4:35am and came back home at 6am. i took a quick ass shower, tossed all my laundraaay in the washer, and now i'm up doing something i haven't done in almost a year (excluding the mildly entertaining photos of not-so-good looking basketball players).

speaking of basketball players (or was i just making a side note since its in parentheses?) lebron james is making his decision tonight. in about exactly 12 hours actually. either way, bron-bron is being a bit too diva-ish for my own liking. i'm gonna have to say that he's probably going to land with the knicks or stay with the cavs. really don't think he would commit to a team where there would even be the slightest chance of him NOT being the go-to guy when the game is on the line.. but if i'm wrong, then umm either way it doesn't really affect my life so whatever.

its now 6:28 am and PENIS!


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