Sunday, July 18, 2010


am i the only one who gets mentally distressed or even lightweight PHYSICALLY distressed when their sports team loses? whenever one of my teams lose i can't even stand to look at the box score of the game... it literally takes me a couple days to finally be able to go back and THEN read the recap and study the box score from the loss. i don't care how geeky i'm sounding right now this is 110% truth right now. i can't even bare to watch sportscenter highlights.. its just me tho. either way weird is the new cool in 2010 so i'm up in this b. MVPosey doe.

oh yeah, inception is a mind fuck to say the least. its not the next matrix but its a very refreshing sci-fi mind fucker. mind fucking movies are sorta hard to come by lately so i guess you gotta take what you can get.


Savannah said...


Love the blog. great job.

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buzzzzzzzzz... said...

hehe ,,,i hate it tooo,but dey always cum bak, win, n make u hooza booza happy sum othr day,...

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