Sunday, March 29, 2009


spring break is officially donezo. so after successfully completing one year of college, i've come to realize that i'm awfully close to being done with my second year. time really flies when you're having fun.. . . but continuing on a more conscious note, i'd have to say that everything besides school has been a wicked learning experience. never did i think that i would have gained THIS much knowledge ( knowledge meter: [-------|--]
those last two notches are for marriage and retirement ) while mostly being surrounded by people from my younger days. i'm going to have to give social networking sites such as myspace and facebook +2 eprops cause without them, we'd really just fall into that 95 percentile*. so this post goes out to you facebook and myspace (really just facebook, and slowly, really slowly, twitter), i don't tell you guys this often but, thank you. no but seriously in all seriousnes$ (yeah, the last 's' had to be a dollar sign) big ups to the people who put a smile on my face. (i'm killing it with the sweet nectarine like wordplay today (i'm also seriously killing it with all of these damn parantheses/sidebars)). stay up and do drugs. oh yeah, if anyone finds my 'tab' key, let me know. i've been looking for it since like the 4th grade. PEASSssss.

these are the two pictures that i took during spring break. forreals, the ONLY two pictures that i took.

people who drive a prius and go 65mph in the carpool lane need to go back to

never understood newport's idea behind their ads...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


fuck all the kanye haters,
this video had me on hiatus.

kanye west x common x erykah badu @ south by southwest

Sunday, March 22, 2009



Thursday, March 19, 2009


YESSSUMmm. winter quarter is o <>< ally over. seriously one of the lamest quarters of my life. ams5 and poli160c can go run into knives. its about to officially be spring on the 20th so thats good. it's time for some of that delicious ass santa cruz weather. academia world aside, winter quarter turned out to be sweeeeet. been living with five other dudes for like six months now and its been a fun ass ride. spring quarter is about to be a lot better than winter quarter so i'm anticipating the lovely, LOVELY month of april. specially like the third monday of april. ifufeelmethenufeelme. this was a random ass update. i realized that my life is way too damn boring for me to just write about and expect you (the readers) to be entertained.

p.s. creepy kids like joann chang need to stop lurking it up.
p.s.s. march madness begins today. tarheels.

blog slapS
i don't care who listened to his shit first, or whoever found him first, this dude is the truth.

drake - city is mine

drake - replacement girl (ft. trey songz)

"the game need change and i'm the mother fuckin cashier
nickels for my thoughts, dimes in my bed
quarters of the kush shave the lines in my head"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009


I hate the fact that uc's on the quarter system discriminate against procrastinators such as myself. every time I have a midterm or an essay due, I end up cleaning the living room and kitchen of my house. I spot clean the shit out of it make it look better than ever. and then i sit down and realize i still have to study.

as i sit and wait my patience begins to flutter,
when this like first began, words I used to stutter,
but who knew stupid games would steal our love's thunder, in a blunder,
where my thoughts and my mind be
you built me up and broke me down but you were too blind to see,
past your selfishness and greed,
every sentence you spoke involved the words "me and need",
but its beyond that, past all of the material,
you killed the like between us your nickname should start with serial.

go cop drake's "so far gone" when it hits tha shelvesss
ya big TEASE: drake - best I ever had


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