Saturday, May 2, 2009


if you don't live under a rock and aren't a complete GOOBER, then you probably know that the currently on-going best of seven series between the chicago "baby" bulls and the boston "three party i mean two party or i mean three party since rondo's balls have finally dropped" celtics has been NUTS. like walnuts. never have i seen this much amount of intensity in a single NBA game let alone an entire seven game series. so without further ado, here is THE play of the first round.

your 7' center going the distance in the THIRD overtime.

o ya, go watch wolverine. make sure its a bro-date though. maybe even a double bro-date? just make sure you don't bring your girl or your potential girl to watch it cause there are a lot of interesting characters that were lined up tryna watch it last night.

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